Builders of all ages can take a break in our LEGO®-themed Cafe.

We provide a selection of yummy foods and snacks for kids! We also have delicious crisp salads and sandwiches for adults. Outside food and drink is not allowed in the center.



Bottled Drink:  $2.50

Bag of Chips: $1.35

Bag of Popcorn: $1.50

Bag of Pretzels: $1.50

Hot Dog: $2.00 or 2 Hot Dogs for $3.00

Tony’s Pizza: Pepperoni, Cheese, Supreme: 1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00

Pre-Packaged Sandwich: Ham, Turkey, Chicken Salad: $3.50

Cookie: 1 for $1.50 or 3 for $4.00

Dipping Dots Ice Cream: $3.00

Coffee: $3.50

Café Latte: $3.50

Tea: $1.50

Hot Chocolate: $1.50

Chiocatto: $3.50

Cappuccino: $3.50

Go Picnic Box: $6.00

Muffin: $2.50

Brownie: $2.00

Soft Pretzel: $2.00

Ice Cream Sandwich: $1.50

Fudge Bar: $1.00

Drumstick Ice Cream: $3.00

Fruit Cup (Mixed Fruit,) Pudding, and Trix Yogurt: $1.89

Juice Box: $1.75

Carton of Milk: $1.75

Tummy Yummy: $1.75

Bottled Milk: $2.50

Fountain Drink: 22oz $1.35 & 32oz $1.75

ICEE: Small $3.50, Large $4.50

Smoothie: Small $4.00, Large $5.00


Cafe Hours:

Monday through Friday- 11am to 6:30pm

Saturday- 10am to 7:30pm

Sunday- 11am to 6pm

*Hours are subject to change.

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